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How it Works & FAQ

● What is Loyalis?
Loyalis is a smart rewards program, tailored in minutes specifically for your store, based on your customers past purchase behavior.
● What is the benefit of using Loyalis?
Our rewards program main goal is to grow the number of repeat purchases on your store by rewarding your customers with chips for numerous types of actions. Chips can be later used for trading for discount codes. Every discount code is auto generated by Loyalis and can be used only once.
● Why are you better than competition?
The main difference between our solution and all other solutions is that we have 2 type of points/chips (like in a video game where you have "health" and "stamina"). Gold chips are rewarded for purchases where 1 Gold chip = $1 spent, while 20 Blue chips are rewarded for their engagement with your store (visit in 24 hours, product review, newsletter subscription, social referral, social sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.). We call this "engagement actions" because a customer is incentivized to be more active on your store which generates more sales and increase your customer base.
● Give me a few real-world examples?
For example: Writing reviews will generate more unique content on your store and that is good for your SEO, social sharing and referral system can bring you new leads and more frequent visits can help your customers to manage better on your store and find the products they are looking for with ease.
● Why do you have two types of points?
Only gold chips or the combination of gold and blue chips can be traded for discount codes, and in that way we have ensured that only customers who actually bought something on your store are eligible to get discount codes. With Loyalis, it's not possible to get rewards by "gaming" the system by only liking or sharing on social media. They need to spend enough money with your store first.
● I have never started a rewards program. Can you help?
The trading cost of chips for discount code is auto-calculated by our program, and it is based on your average order size, margin and the frequency of the past purchase behaviour of your customers so that you don’t have to worry about numbers and calculations, however we give you an insights of every discount code issued in case that you want to check how effective our program is to you.
● Will I be able to track the effectiveness of Loyalis?
Beside this, we give you our own analytics of how many engagement and purchase actions has our system registered. Since we are rewarding your customers for every action they make on your store, we give you a detailed behaviour of your customers' — how many, which and when did they preform specific actions, to combine that data with average order sizes and customer lifetime values, to see what drives your sales.
● So I would learn a lot about my customers, right?
All of this information can help you to better understand your customers and better prepare your sale. It also helps us better understand how our program can be more efficient for you. The way we see it, it is a win - win combination.

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