Basic tips on how to grow your sales in an ecommerce business

There are various ways and tactics to increase online retail sales, so I will try to cover a few that are often being neglected with ecommerce retailers we have been working with throughout the years.

Choose the right shopping cart software

First of all, you should pick the right shopping cart software. Online retailers who like it simple should take a look at Bigcommerce or Shopify. These two are among the fastest growing ecommerce software companies and offer everything you need for starters, at an affordable price. More options and can be found with the largest ecommerce platform called Magento.

Focus on customer retention, not just acquisition

Next, apart from classic customer acquisition tactics (like paid advertising) you will need to build a proper customer retention strategy. How will you keep those buyers in your shop? Have a great design, give gifts, place a lot of interesting product pictures (this one is highly important, and it’s never enough repeating!), be covered on all social media pages and do not overflow with CTA buttons (call to action buttons). Customer support should be at 101% if you want your store to succeed. Even the tiniest flaw in the support department might prove to be unexpectedly costly to your business.

Run A/B tests to increase conversion rates on every step of the process

Checkout page should be very very simple – Noah Kagan`s company AppSumo does it very well and I highly recommend reading his blog, you will find a lot of clever insights and recommendations over there. Do A/B testing to see what drives bigger conversion and lower abandonment rates. Retention and engagement are the most important metrics you need to follow. Engaged users are happy users who keep coming back for more products and can be good for referring others. You can install a loyalty program to boost engagement and properly connect with your customers. There are many ways you can organize a loyalty program, which we covered in one of our previous blog articles.

Keep customers engaged

Once you are engaged, keep it running. Post surveys to collect insights and data about your customers to see what is the best way to approach them. Never stop connecting with everyone who ever made a purchase. You will spend less money in retaining an old customer than acquiring a new one – up to 5x less according to industry standards. Regarding abandonment, see and ask what’s bothering customers who have abandoned you? It can be the complexity of your checkout page, the price, the lack of reviews, the shipment… Just note that you will never be able to reduce abandonment rate to 0% (industry average for abandonment is 65%), but you can try to reduce it to minimum possible.

Above all, try to make your buying process interesting, engaging and ultimately a fun experience for your customers. Take a closer look at your competition and try to honestly analyze what are they doing better then you and improve in those areas. Then, just get to it! :)

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