4 ways to incorporate Loyalty Program in your online shop

Offline and online loyalty programs have been in business for a very long time. Traditional business owners try to use this method to attract customers and, what is more important, develop a relationship for a long time prospect. Simply put, loyalty program incorporates a loyal behavior and engagement among your customers.

In the modern days of e-commerce shopping, owners must not forget the importance of having a strong relationship with all customers. If you provide a ‘feel-good’ factor to them they will offer you same in terms of business. The point is to make visitors and buyers feel satisfied even just for a moment when they want to buy something from your site. This will make sure that they return more often to your shop and recommend it to their friends and families. One viral customer can bring several new buyers. And that feel-good factor can be provided with rewards and discounts created by loyalty programs.

There’s no buyer who doesn’t like to be awarded.

First, and most important part of each loyalty program is the plan. You need to determine how to create more profitable customers and you can do this by planning the set-up of your loyalty program. Most retailers forget that you need to position your program in that way to encourage future purchases from your buyers, rather than focusing on just rewarding already made ones.

Loyalty Program

There are different ways through which you can incorporate these programs among your customers of which a few have been listed here:

  1. Newsletter subscription
    The first thing that you will want to do is to be accessible to your customers. Ask them to sign up for your newsletter so that whenever you launch something new or bring offers at your shop, they are informed about it. Ask them to subscribe as soon as they make an account at your site. This will prove useful for future actions.
  2. Purchaser Points
    Whenever someone buys something from your ecommerce site offer them points against each dollar they have spent. For example, give them one point for every $10 spent by them. Also, don’t set the redeem limit too high as there are chances that the customers would feel that they are never going to accumulate enough points to be redeemable. The limit should be such that they can redeem after 3 or 4 purchases from your store. If you balance this the right way, you will have an instant boost in sales and improved customer engagement.
  3. Referral/Affiliate Points
    Ask them to refer new customers to your store and in return give them points for every purchase made by their referrals. You should calculate the percentage efficiently in order to boost virality and allow visitors to take most out of their social interaction
  4. Collect demographic and contact data
    With loyalty surveys you can collect valuable data about your buyers and expand your customer database! Use this information you got when they registered to promote your program to specific audiences and target additional customers. Buyers will be rewarded for conducting the survey made by the shop owner. Percentage of people who finished the survey will be much higher. You will get important info about your customers and their potential needs. In modern times, when you need to know more and more about about buyers, this can be very useful.

If you use the above tricks carefully and apply them you will be able to see some really positive results. Profit may not be instantaneous but that is not the point of loyalty programs. It’s about building a connection with your customer, and that connection is vital for running your business.


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