Loyalis is a point-based rewards program with an integrated business intelligence dashboard to help you grow sales

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Rewards Program + Business Intelligence

Loyalis is used by top merchants on Bigcommerce & Shopify to reward customers and analyze financial, social and engagement data in a business intelligence dashboard.

  • More Website Visitors Incentivize daily website visits and watch them return daily
  • Business Intelligence Integrated analytics for tracking anything your customers do
  • Make E-Shopping Fun With game-like ranking boards, online shopping is even more fun
  • Increase Purchases (ROI) Motivate repeat purchases and increase share-of-wallet
  • Product Reviews (SEO) Improve SEO by getting more product reviews (unique content)
  • More Social Followers Get more likes & shares on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc
8 reasons
To Love Loyalis
  • Complete webstore integration to streamline engagement
  • Get to really know your customers with our CRM
  • Gamify your store by introducing a ranking board
  • Unmatched customer service via phone, chat and e-mail
  • Business intelligence tools to track customer behavior
  • Sophisticated analytics & unlimited custom reports
  • Social network breakdown for the most valuable customers
  • And all that white-labeled, without any of our branding

Identify and reward your customer's loyalty

  • Website visits Increase website visits
  • Increase reviews & SEO Increase product reviews & SEO
  • Increase purchases Increase frequent purchases
  • Facebook likes Increase Facebook page likes
  • Email newsletter Increase email newsletter signups
  • Twitter followers Increase Twitter followers
  • Website surveys Run website surveys
  • Ecommerce referrals Increase customer referrals
  • Pinterest pins likes shares Increase likes/shares/pins
  • Ecommerce gamification Level-up with ecommerce gamification

Grow sales by understanding your customers

Merchants using Loyalis have come to an understanding that it is not enough to start a loyalty program and reward your customers. You need a business intelligence dashboard to understand and act on that data.

“Loyalis has increased our GMV by 55% and member lifetime value by 321%.” Ken Harrison EnjukuRacing, Founder & CEO
“Loyalis helps us understand where our high-value customers came from, so we can optimize our CPA.” Kellie Hill TheRubberBuggy, Founder & CEO
“Loyalis is a huge value to our customers. Our business has seen incredible ROI with 3x increase in high-value customers.” Jennifer Jacques Barry GreatArrivals, Founder & CEO

Here's what our dashboard looks like:

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