Rewards program for Bigcommerce storesOur customers experience +27% growth in sales after installing this app.

+27% Higher revenue from rewards program members
+700% Higher customer engagement on website and social media
+200% Average order size of the most engaged customers

The Importance of Rewarding Customers
Here are some benefits of rewarding your best customers:

41% of e-commerce revenue comes
from returning and repeat purchasers,
who represent only 8% of all customers.
Companies focus on customer acquisition more than on customer retention, even though it can be 7 times cheaper to sell to.
A 5% increase in customer retention can increase profits by 25% to 125%.
The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%
The probability of selling to existing customer is 60-70%

Introducing Loyalis rewards program: Loyalis is a customer engagement and loyalty plugin for the BigCommerce platform that uses gamification to promote social sharing and on-site stickiness.

Rewarding with chips.

Recognize and reward customers with chips for buying, sharing and reviewing products.

Gold chips

Customers will score +1 gold chip for each $1 spent while buying from your BigCommerce store.

Blue chips

Customers can score +20 blue chips when they register, write a review, share a product, subscribe, etc.

Chips get them discounts.

Reward your customers with tailored coupon codes when they spend enough, and watch them return.

Tailored for your customers

Auto-generated just for your store, based on your customers' past purchase behavior and best practices.

Tailored for your business

Dynamic coupon codes are a revolution because they make customers engaged, and they can't hurt your margins.

coupon code

Gold chip Blue chip Dollar sign

Fully automated.

There is almost no maintenance or configuration, thanks to our mad scientists and their algorithms.

Launch in minutes

Our smart algorithms will configure most of the program without hassling you, making it a breeze to launch.

Free support & advice

Our retention experts will evaluate your program and send you some tips on a monthly basis.

Complex made simple.

Finally be able to understand insanely complex data about your customers.

Customers, explained

You will be amazed by the level of insight you will get on your customers and their purchasing behavior.

Act on the data

Use the gathered data to improve your store's operations and customer communication.

Customer charts

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Brand it your own.
Customize colors, make it yours.

Our rewards program can be fully integrated with the colors on your BigCommerce store, for a completely unique experience.

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